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New User - Confirm Identity & Set UniPass

If you are a new Employee, Applicant or Student of UNSW, please use this form to verify your identity and set your UniPass password. The UniPass allows you to access a range of IT services at UNSW, including myUNSW and the central email system.

To confirm your identity you will need to enter the appropriate information in the form below and we will match this to the data held in our system. If you do not know the required details, please contact the appropriate person in UNSW administration (i.e. Student Admissions, your departmental supervisor etc.).
If you have any technical problems with the form itself, please contact the UNSW IT Service Desk on +61 2 9385 1333 or by email [].

Please Note: If you have used this form before you cannot use it again. Please go to the Identity Manager home page to see the options that are available to you.

UNSW ID:         7 digit UNSW ID, e.g. 1234567
UAC Number:  
Home Postcode:         4 digit Australian postcode only e.g. 2032
Date of Birth:         (dd/mm/yyyy)       At least ONE of these fields must be completed
Department Code:  
NEW EMPLOYEES: HR will supply you with this code and UNSW ID at your initial induction. If you are unable to remember the details you were supplied with, please contact your departmental HR administrator.
NEW CONTRACTORS: The department you are working for will be able to provide you with this information.
UNSW Program Code:      UAC Code Lookup
This is the 4-digit code shown in the UNSW Handbook next to the program that you have applied for/are going to study. For UAC applicants, use the link above to lookup the UNSW equivalent for your UAC code.

Use of UNSW's IT services are governed by the "Acceptable Use of UNSW ICT Resources" policy. The full text of this policy and its accompanying procedure document may be found at:
By submitting this form, you are agreeing to abide by these conditions.

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